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Bull and the Bear

Bull and the Bear Podcast Episode 2
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Spending time in Hoboken New Jersey

Spending time in a big city like Hoboken or a Big place such as New Jersey or New York tends to bring on reflection of yourself and the appreciation of people and life in general.  NJ is a fast paced place and being a southern boy raised in the South it opens your eyes quite a lot on culture and overall appreciation of people.   This is what led to the Hotel Scotch post and thinking ahead for what I really wanted to do this 2018 New Year.
Overall my total time in New Jersey was about 6 weeks and the food,atmosphere and people were all diverse and really great.  I decided that there was so much to take in that I separated a couple of my experiences from food and travel in to separate posts.  Working as a Engineer that travels from place to place.  I realized that in that past 3 years I have traveled to almost 30 states.    Everyone should travel throughout the US and World to gain insight to culture and people.   I think this would bridge a communication gap that not even the Internet and Technology could bridge.
Some interesting facts about Hoboken.  This is the birthplace of Frank Sinatra, Ole Blue Eyes himself and right on the Hudson river side in NJ there is a road named after him and a restaurant

Hotel Scotch

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