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2020 and this seems like a new start. (Warning Long Post)

Posted by Shane Hale on
2020 and this seems like a new start. (Warning Long Post)

It is 2020 and everything is a complete chaotic shit show of a mess.  I had 2 weeks off planned vacation and it was shut down due to Covid 19.   I decided since I had the time I would create a new business. 


(Even my Dog Chico was Skeptical)

It was 2 weeks give or take only working normal business hours and researching as well as creating ideas of things I like to do.    I started off vlogging the daily ideas and status.  After video each day, I started to analyze what I was saying.  It was wanting to do something I want with a passion.  ( At 46 years old I have learned to subdue a lot of passion in my life lol.)

Well, honestly over the years I decided to move out of the cheesy internet marketing videos of the past.  When I say past... I am talking about 15+ years of marketing videos I had to put on private status on Youtube yesterday.   After the first week, I created a logo, brand and even an idea.  Also, realized I misspelled the name and spent over 200 bucks created and domain name and having to get another one.  

The idea was going to be a brand I could use on clothing ect ect.  This was going to be used on a private label for Amazon FBA.  Even though it was a stupid mistake things were still taking off.  But, something kept telling me I should do something else.  I have fought this for many years.  I have created soo much shit to just not finish it.    This was a pivotal moment where I had to ask myself some questions.    So what do I do?   I wrote some questions down on Evernote.   

Here they are, keep in mind these were random thoughts as I explored Amazon FBA and product branding.

<<Note starts here>>
3 things
 What is it I really want to do?
  • Make a brand.
  • 11k or more a month or even a day
  • Transition to this job. 
How will we do it?
Products and Merchandise
Amazon FBA?  Shopify?
What will we sell??
Tshirts Funny nostalgic/ Veteran owned/  Tactical/survival?  Tech gadgets  if branded for shopify.
FBA we can start with one great product.
FBA = Quick
Tshirts = Quick
Brand =  logo/website/setup  days.
Buy another site and rebrand?
Check competition/research
Flippa,amzscout to start use market samurai as needed for seo
Stay away from usa not approved products and patent products.  AVOID LEGAL ISSUES.
Discover Pros and Cons  of FBA system

<<End of Note>

Now, I went through these bullet points and researched the hell out of failure with FBA.  Even had a couple of users tell me not to go with private label and Alibaba.  Then proceeded to affiliate market me coaching program on how to find USA brand that you can resell on FBA.  This opened yet another rabbit hole of research.   

One thing I learned in this process, was you do not need to buy any courses and what you really need is a coach if you get knee deep into something.   I have bought several courses over last few months for Marketing and even automated stock trading.   (Yeah I know...)  I am still going to get back to it and finish it.   

After the end of the week, I went over those questions above and could not get past the passion part.   


So after further thought, I knew I need to finish one thing.   That one thing is this site you are own.   I love making people laugh through memes and jokes and I love to review products and places.   Also, sell cool things that I like to buy.  (When I have had too much to drink or just cool things I use around the house.)   

The other goal is to continue with Amazon FBA and finding 1 product right now and source it.    I went ahead and moved over to Shopify and really try a hybrid approach to share memes and jokes as a personal blog and help build this brand called Binaryburn.   

Why Binaryburn?  Well it was a name I came up with almost 20 years ago and registered the site to do many online businesses.  From Web hosting to even some other sketchy crap along the way.  Just to figure out and mess around online.   

The things I really wanted done are as followed: a personal blog, future podcast, product/service reviews and a brand central site that represents me and what I love and have passion to do.  That is self education and making people laugh and hear others stories.    Also, help others through charity and self improvement.  

So stay with me this is just the first post.  I have many more coming!  


Abide, live and love,